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Johs H Giæver AS

Quality since 1868

Our Products

Since 1868, Johs H Giæver AS has made it its top priority to supply clients with the best products available. Our team work hard to guarantee that whenever our clients think of quality, they’ll be thinking of us.


We supply our clients with the best quality locally produced and naturally dried stockfish from the arctic sea. We have a wide range of fish, including cod, pollock, haddock, heads and much more. 
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Are you planning a fishing trip to Norway and looking for a camp to stay at?

At Havnnes, we offer accommodation and boat rental for your next fishing experience. We also offer a SPA featuring showers, a sauna and a jacuzzi. We also offer accommodation in the small idyllic fishing village of Henningsvær, Lofoten.
Take your next trip to our beautiful area and stay with us!

What We Do

Norwegian Stockfish from the Arctic

Our stockfish is pure, natural, and unadulterated. For centuries, Norwegians have relied on the power of nature to create this culinary delicacy. Using traditional methods dating back to the Viking age, we dry our fish outdoors in the fresh ocean wind. This process is conducted in Northern Norway, where we source the best raw materials caught above the Arctic circle.
Our fish spends the months of February to May exposed to the elements of Northern Norway, where temperatures hover around 0°C, and the perfect balance of wind, sun, and rain work their magic. With no additives or preservatives, it is nature alone that transforms this magnificent fish into the valuable, special, and delicious stockfish that we offer.
The drying method we use is thousands of years old and has proven to be an effective way to preserve the fish's natural qualities. Stockfish was highly prized by sailors who carried it on their voyages as a valuable source of food. Today, Norwegian stockfish remains a sought-after commodity, appreciated for its all-natural taste and nutritional value.

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Mor Lyngs Plass 1, 9159 Havnnes, Norway

+47 77 76 44 00

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